Moral Stories : Never Underestimate Yourself

Moral Stories : Never Underestimate Yourself

Friends! Many times it happens to us that we start thinking of ourselves as weak. It seems to us that we might never be able to succeed. This happens only because we do not know our strength and we consider ourselves weak. Whereas if we decide in mind, then we can make every impossible and biggest task possible and easy.

All we need is to recognize the unlimited powers within us. When we recognize our power then every big goal of the world is possible for us. So, in this post of today Moral Stories : Never Underestimate Yourself, I am going to tell you a similar moral story, after reading it, you will also realize your power in a very good way.

Moral Stories : Never Underestimate Yourself

Once an elephant was tied by its owner with a very thin rope. Just then, a man passed by. The man was very surprised to see that despite being tied with such a thin rope, the elephant is not even trying to break it and run away?

So the man asked the owner of the elephant that you tied the elephant with such a thin rope, while he can break it easily and free himself. After all, why is this elephant unable to do this?

So the owner of that elephant replied that when this elephant was a small child in childhood, it was kept tied with thick chains of iron. Then it tried to break those iron chains several times, but it could never succeed.

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Then slowly, this elephant sat in the belief that he would never break these thick chains of iron. And after that when it grew, even then it never tried to break them again. He became deeply convinced that it is useless to try it.

Now it is tied with only a thin rope and it can be broken easily whenever it wants. But the belief of childhood sitting in its mind made it such that it does not even try to break it now. The man was very surprised to hear this.

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Friends! The same thing applies to our lives as well. We make some efforts to get success in the beginning, but when we fail in them, we sit down exhausted and start thinking of ourselves as failures.

Friends! This is absolutely wrong, isn’t it? How did some failures prove that we will never be successful in life? We do not have to let our thinking be like that of an elephant. We have to trust in ourselves that one day we will definitely succeed. We have to make constant efforts day and night to achieve our goal.

We have to recognize the unlimited power hidden within us. We must assure ourselves that some failures cannot be a hindrance in the path of our success. Success is available only to those people, who constantly overcome obstacles and give their 100% through their hard work.

In our holy book Ramayana, Lord Hanuman too realized his power only when Jamwant ji told him that you have a lot of power and you can cross this sea to find Mother Sita and come back to Lanka easily. So friends ! You too get up, wake up and trust your own powers and become successful in every sphere of life.

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