Positive Thinking Articles : Powerful Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Articles : Powerful Benefits of Positive Thinking

Friends! What is the reason for any human being wherever he is today? That reason is only and only his thoughts or his thinking. If someone keeps positive thinking, then he reaches to heights of successful life. On the other hand, a person possessing negative thinking is left far behind. It depends on any person what he wants in life?

While negative thinking pushes a person backward, positive thinking pushes any human to higher levels. So friends! If you also want to succeed in your life, then you have to make your thinking positive. So, in today’s post Positive Thinking Articles : Powerful Benefits of Positive Thinking we will learn what are the benefits of positive thinking? We will also know how can we make our thinking positive?

How to make your thinking positive?

Friends! Converting negative thinking into positive thinking is not a one-day job. If that were the case, one would easily remove their negative thinking and make their own thinking completely positive.

Friends! It takes time. For this, you have to constantly think positively while removing your negative thinking. Initially you may also face some problems, but after some time you will feel that positive thinking is coming in you and your negative thinking is going away.

Any glass is half full of anything. Those who have negativity will feel that the glass is half empty. On the other hand, one who has positive thinking in every condition, will see half glass full.

So if we want to make our thinking positive, then we have to make the glass half full – the thinking will have to be developed inside ourselves. Very soon, we will start seeing positivism in everything in the world.

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Best examples of Positive thinking and Negative thinking

Let me give you a best and powerful example of positive thinking and negative thinking. Once a man was very sad because he had lost one of his shoes. Going a little farther, he saw a man who had no legs – he was happy. The man who lost the shoes was surprised.

He asked the man without legs the reason for his happiness. So the secret he told – there can be no better example than that. He said “Why should I be sad? Is it because I have no legs? But I have two hands, my eyes are safe, I can speak and hear. God has such kindness on me, so why should I be sad ? ” Friends! This is the way to see life!

Positive Thinking Articles : Powerful Benefits of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has tremendous benefits and negative thinking leads to huge losses.

Let me give you one more powerful example of positive and negative thinking – once two friends went for a bath in the river. A snake bitten the first friend there in the water. Since the first friend had not seen the snake – that is why he asked another friend. I am feeling that I have been bitten by something, I did not know what?

Another friend had seen the snake biting, but still he lied to his first friend that hey friend! Nothing, the frog has bitten you and I have seen with my own eyes. Since the bite of the frog does not any harm, the matter is gone.

After some time, the same two friends again went to bathe in the same river. Another friend thought that today I refer to the earlier incident and see, what happens?

Another friend asked – Do you remember when the last time we came to take a bath in this river, something had bitten you? The first friend said- Yes, I remember very well that I was bitten by a frog and you told me that. Another friend said – Oh no! you were bitten by a snake, not by a frog. So much had to be heard that the first friend’s entire body turned blue and he died shortly after.

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Friends! Can you explain why this happened? I tell you – this happened because when the first friend told about the bite of the frog, then the message from the friend’s mind went to the body that the frog has bitten, so there is no reason to panic.

But when the friend told him for the second time that the snake had bitten, not the frog, immediately in the hundredth of a second, there was a message flash in his body from the mind that since the snake has bitten and therefore poison will spread in the body and now death is certain. Therefore poison spread in his body and he died.

Friends! If we think positive then our mind will give a positive reaction in the body. On the other hand, even if we think negatively, our mind will give strong negative reaction in the body. Now it depends on you what you like to think?

By reading the above examples, you must have understood that what we think, we will get. So you always have to think positive even in the worst of situations.

By having a positive attitude towards life, everything in our life will also be positive, with this positive attitude we will get a lot of help in enjoying our life.

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