UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation

UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation-IAS Preparation

UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation-IAS Preparation

Friends! As we all know that the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is the best and toughest examination in the country. So for success in this exam, we have to keep the level of preparation equally high. So in today’s post UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation-IAS Preparation we will talk about preparing for the three stages of this exam i.e. Preliminary exam, Main exam and Interview.

UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation-IAS Preparation

1. First point- Read the books of N.C.E.R.T

Friends! First of all, you start your preparation by making the basis of N.C.E.R.T books. These books will provide the necessary foundation for your initial preparation. Your concepts will be cleared from these books, which will help you a lot in both the preliminary and main examination.

2. Second point – Read standard books

After reading the NCERT books, you should study some standard books of every subject. Always read only the books of the best authors or the best publications, so that you get the best knowledge.

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3. Third point – Avoid reading more books

While preparing for UPSC, remember this till the end that it is better than reading 10 books – reading the same book 10 times. So that whatever you read, you can remember it completely and confusion cannot be created. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

4. Fourth point – Make a good time table

Study for UPSC or Union Public Service Commission by preparing a consistent and balanced time table. Keep changing this time table from time to time at your convenience, so that you can have more ease in preparing.

5. Fifth point – Do combined study

While preparing for UPSC, make joint preparations to perform well in both the preliminary and main examination simultaneously. So that you do not have to spend much more time for preparation separately.

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6. Sixth point- Solve model papers

For UPSC Preliminary Examination, practice to solve more and more question papers by creating an atmosphere of exam hall at home. Practicing some good model papers will be very helpful for you.

7. Seventh point – Practice answer writing

Similarly, to get good marks in UPSC main examination, you should practice answer writing regularly. Which will not only increase your speed, but your answers will also become very qualitative.

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8. Eighth point – Must give mock interview

After passing the main examination in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation, when the interview is called, then before going to UPSC, go to a good coaching institute by giving 2–4 mock interviews. This will give you enough opportunity to know your shortcomings.

9. Ninth point- Be confident

From the beginning of UPSC exam preparation till the success, you have to maintain confidence in yourself.  Do not let your confidence fall in any condition. In the end you will win.

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