What Motivates You : What Motivates Me

What Motivates You : What Motivates Me?

Friends! Whenever we fail, we sit down frustrated and disappointed. While at this time it is most important to motivate ourselves. Always keep in mind one thing – Motivation is not something to be found from outside, we have to create it ourselves. Even if someone motives us from outside, it will not last long. So come, in today’s post What Motivates You : What Motivates Me we will talk about some such methods of self-motivation, by which you will always be Motivated.

What Motivates You : What Motivates Me?

1. First Method to motivate Yourself – Trust Yourself

Friends! The biggest reason for frustration is that we lose faith in ourselves. Due to which we start feeling that we will not be able to do anything. At such a time, it is most important that you keep faith in yourself. By doing this a new confidence will come in you and one day you will definitely be successful.

Those who trust themselves, they sew the seams of the mountains, they pick pearls from the depths of the deep sea. Therefore, there is no need to sit tired and frustrated after losing. History is replete with examples when people trusted themselves and changed the whole history. Therefore, you must also trust yourself.

2. The second method to motivate our self – Stay away from negative thoughts

Whenever negative thoughts start coming in our mind, we become demotivated. The more negative we think, the more frustrated we become. That’s why whenever such thoughts start coming in your mind or brain, you stop them at the same time.

You will need to do this repeatedly, not once. Instead of negative thoughts, place positive thoughts in your mind. There is a lot of energy in positive thoughts. You have to think every time in your mind that no matter what happens, we will not allow ourselves to be demotivated at any cost. Thinking of doing this again and again will always keep you motivated.

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3. The third way to motivate yourself – Stay in touch with motivation

This is the best way to keep yourself always motivated. You must read the Biography of a great person and read Motivational Stories. There is a lot to learn in these. How and how much difficulty came in the way of success in the life of a great man and how he faced it successfully – We get to learn from the biographies of great people and their experiences.

Whenever you are demotivated, then do so. You will feel that when a person can overcome every difficult obstacle with his struggle and will. This will bring a new confidence in you and you will start feeling energetic again and this will give you tremendous inspiration.

4. Fourth method to motivate our self – Focus on the target

Whenever we deviate from our goal or target, the chances of getting demotivated greatly increases. So always keep an eye on your goal, you will always feel yourself Motivated. Our fickle mind will repeatedly try to take us away from our target to another place, but we have to keep a firm eye on our goal.

We have to think again and again in our own mind that no matter what happens, I will not rest without fulfilling my target. If you do this, you will not only remain motive until you achieve your goal, but you will also feel a new energy in your mind which will prove very helpful in keeping you motive always.

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5. Fifth Way to motivate yourself – Praise yourself

Whenever you get any small achievement, then after all, congratulate yourself. No one else would pat yourself on the back, but you must do this work. This is a very effective panacea remedy to keep motivate yourself. Doing this will not only increase your confidence, but will also motivate you to get a new target again.

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